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A Better Way to Recruit

Make the right hire the first time with the
industry’s leading pre-hire assessment system. 

RightHire’s data-driven assessments allow you to measure job-specific cognitive abilities and work personality characteristics that are required to perform a job well, all while streamlining the recruitment process to save you time, money, and manpower.


❝RightHire has presented the Hamilton Tiger-Cats with a creative, user-friendly tool that combines scientific and analytical data to assist in overall hiring processes. It offers us the ability to customize templates depending on which role and department we are targeting. The assessments track cognitive and personality traits, providing extensive quality feedback when differentiating whether or not an applicant will excel in a given role. In addition, other important aspects such as ‘percentage of long term success’, and ‘candidness rating’ are provided, which are extremely helpful considering these are unknown factors in basic interview processes. It is very clear that this program has helped our organization discover, and hire, higher quality employees.❞

Shaun Gues

Vice President, Sales & Revenue Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club


❝ RightHire helps us find suitable candidates, conduct focused interviews, and enhance our recruiting process by helping collect objective and dependable information on our prospective workforce. By using RightHire, we have saved time, reduced turnover, and improved our quality of hires.❞

Sandra Hetemi

Human Resources

Modern Beauty Supplies

❝RightHire has added a powerful and intelligent screening element to our hiring process. With very little effort, we are able to identify the small subset of applicants that have the cognitive abilities and personality required by a particular job. It's a huge time-saver and has resulted in the hiring of higher quality employees.❞

Yaacov Silberman

Founding Partner & COO

Rimon Law

How to get Started?


Sign Up

Click the Sign Up button and sign-up as an employer. You will be logged in immediately after a successful sign-up. You can create assessment templates corresponding to the jobs you are hiring, but you won’t yet be able to create assessments based on these assessment templates and invite candidates.


Account Verification

RightHire will verify and approve your registration. We will then contact you to provide you a demo of our assessment system.

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Invite Candidates

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If you choose to purchase either assessments a la carte or an unlimited annual subscription, you can create tailored assessments for your specific job and invite candidates to complete assessments.

Make Decisions

You can use the results of assessments to decide which candidates to move forward in your recruiting process.

Why RightHire?
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Job Specific Cognitive Abilities Work Personality for any Job

RightHire’s assessment system is based on Job Analysis and therefore only measures Cognitive Abilities and Work Personality Characteristics that are only relevant for the job.

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Off-the-Shelf & Custom

RightHire offers off-the-shelf/pre-built assessments for over 900 Department of Labor O*NET occupations. Additionally, when your job looks either somewhat or completely different from any of the 900+ O*NET occupations, you can build a custom assessment in less than 30-minutes. Therefore, the assessment system is capable of building an assessment for any job.


Adjustable Duration

When building an assessment, you can set the maximum time duration of the assessment. For example, you could specify that the overall assessment (test battery) time be less than 20 minutes or 45 minutes. The assessment system then picks the tests (from the list of 17 cognitive ability tests and 16 work personality tests) that will maximize the predictive power, but also fall under the specified maximum time limit

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Works on All Devices

RightHire’s assessment system can be used on all devices, including the desktop and mobile devices.

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Legally Defensible

RightHire’s assessment system is legally defensible because it’s based on a solid science foundation and uses job analysis to choose the set of tests in the assessment (test battery) that are job-relevant.

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Avoid Poor-fit Candidates

Eliminate candidates with poor job fit upfront to avoid potential bad hires.

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Hire Higher Quality Candidates

Eliminate your poor job-fit candidates upfront to hire candidates with higher productivity  and retention.

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Save Time

Avoid interviewing poor job-fit candidates, saving time.

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