A better way to recruit.

Make the right hire with the industry’s leading pre-hire assessment system. RightHire’s data-driven, off-the-shelf assessments allow you to measure job-specific competencies for over 950 professions, all while streamlining the recruitment process to save you time, money, and manpower.

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Avoid Bad Hires and Identify Top Talent

Over 90% of bad-fit hires are due to inaccurate assessment of job competencies.


RightHire helps fix that.

Our pre-hire assessment software is the most technically advanced screening system available. Powered by our proprietary synthetic validity technology, RightHire lets you accurately measure job performance before hiring, helping you hire the best candidate quickly, fairly, and without discrimination. Eliminate bad hires, boost productivity, and get the talent you’re looking for.

  • High predictability of future job performance

  • Standardized measurements to eliminate discrimination

  • Cutting-edge assessments for greater talent retention

  • Scalable software to suit your business’s needs

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Evaluate Candidates Fast

Our flexible pre-hiring system provides pre-built testing for over 950 professions in all sectors and industries. In just the short span of an assessment, you’ll know whether a candidate’s a good fit, and you’ll be able to move forward with the hiring process without any second-guessing. Cut costs and save time on deciding between candidates. With RightHire, you can do both.

Custom-Build Assessments to Fit Your Niche

Not only does RightHire come with a vast range of pre-built assessments—it also lets you build your own. Using our proprietary technology, RightHire lets you custom-build job assessments with speed and ease. In just 30 minutes, you can create a ready-built assessment to screen potential hires. What would have taken months to make using traditional methods, you can do over a cup of coffee.

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Computer Programming

Objective Assessments for Discrimination-Free Hiring

Our assessments are objective, effective, and legally defensible. Driven by large-scale data research, they let you evaluate job-specific competencies you’d otherwise measure only by “gut feel.”  The result? RightHire helps eliminate bias and discrimination, giving you a neutral, scientific measurement of each candidate’s talent.

How It Works

  1. Choose from over 950+ pre-built assessment tests to screen candidates and find the best of the bunch. Or, if you prefer, build your own custom assessment in under 30 minutes.

2. Screen candidates by the hundred or dozen. Using RightHire means you can quickly weed out bad hires without committing time, effort, or resources to evaluate their candidacy.

3. Whittle down the potential hires. Before conducting in-person interviews, RightHire can help you remove unsuitable candidates who may fare poorly in the job. With fewer folks to interview, you can focus your attention on each individual to find the perfect fit for your business.

Discover a Better Way to Hire

Find the right candidate for the job with RightHire. Our intuitive assessment system makes it fast, simple, and affordable to evaluate candidates with complete accuracy and confidence. Streamline your recruitment process, and choose RightHire to make hiring a hassle-free affair.

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